Pre-Order Dark Emerald Tales

From the Dullahan to the Sidhe, the Banshee and damned spirits, Ireland is a land soaked in macabre tales and legends. And there is none better than Ann Massey O'Regan to take you on a tour of the terrors and mysteries Ireland has to offer. A master storyteller, Ann's book will keep you enthralled for hours. And make you hope it really is just the wind howling...


Ann is Deputy Editor Ireland for The Spooky Isles and has also contributed to Wayward. To order your copy, please click the most relevant link below:


EIRE: Paperback €9.00/Limited Edition Hardback €21.00

UK: Paperback £7.99/Limited Edition Hardback £20.00


Shipping info: EIRE £3.00 for first copy, 80 per each extra copy. UK: £2 per first copy, 50p per each extra copy. 


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