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Dark Emerald Tales by Ann Massey O'Regan


From the Dullahan to the Sidhe, the Banshee and damned spirits, Ireland is a land soaked in macabre tales and legends. And there is none better than Ann Massey O'Regan to take you on a tour of the terrors and mysteries Ireland has to offer. A master storyteller, Ann's book will keep you enthralled for hours. And make you hope it really is just the wind howling...


Ann is Deputy Editor Ireland for The Spooky Isles and has also contributed to Wayward.


Pre-order your copy here (UK Paperback £7.99/Limited Edition Hardback £20.00. Eire Paperback €9.00/Limited Edition Hardback €21.00. Shipping prices on page.)



Ghosts of Scotland by Gregor Stewart 

Scotland is known as one of the most haunted countries in the world, with many haunted hotspots in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. In this new book, author and paranormal researcher Gregor Stewart, covers both Edinburgh and ventures away from the main cities to explore many of the less well know locations across the country, giving not just details of the ghost stories but also the history behind the haunting.


Hailing from St Andrews in Fife, Gregor has been surrounded by tales of ghosts from a young age. His interest was sparked when his parents subscribed for him "The Unexplained" magazine. He is widely read on the supernatural, and has amassed a substantial library on the topic. He has written a number of his own books, both fiction and non-fiction, including the Witch Hunter series, Haunted Explorer Series, Haunted Kirkcaldy, Supernatural St Andrews and the upcoming Glasgow Ghost Stories. He is also an active paranormal researcher and investigator, with a growing collection of haunted items.  Pre-order here (£5.99 paperback, plus £2 p&p for 1st copy, then 50p per extra copy)


My Life As A Scottish Paranormal Investigator by David Barrett


David Barrett became interested in the paranormal as a child, when strange things happened around his house. As an adult, he turned his passion for the paranormal towards investigations, and is now a seasoned investigator, having explored haunted locations throughout the UK and Europe. 


Read the fascinating account of his adventures with the spirit world, and in collecting interesting objects for his haunted museum in this memoir, due for release in late October 2017, just in time for Hallowe'en. Pre-order your copy now. (£5.99 paper back plus £2 p&p for 1st copy, then 50p per extra copy)


To find out more about David, check out this profile on The Spooky Isles



Uncanny Clydeside by M J Steel Collins


A look at the eerier side of Glasgow and its immediate environs. Find out about "The Clatter" and the unearthly users of the local railways. Discover which part of Glasgow has the densest poltergeist population, the ghosts that walk Glasgow University and the body snatching past of the city's other High Education institutes. How did two young girls rock Paisley and Pollok with accusations of witchcraft and what are the Clydeside origins of America's leading haunted ship? Glasgow and it's immediate environs might be best known as an industrial powerhouse, and a hotbed of red politics, but spookiness bubbles not too far beneath the surface.


Availabie in paperback for £4.99 and £1.99 on Kindle via UK Amazon. as well as Amazon worldwide.


Available in multiformat Ebook on Smashwords for $3.50



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