Paranormal Pre-order


Readers of ghostly tastes might be pleased to see that we have two Paranormal titles up for pre-order. Dark Emerald Tales by Ann Massey O'Regan is out in early September, whilst Hallowe'en sees the publication of My Life As A Scottish Paranormal Investigator by David Barrett.


Details on both can be found on our pre-order page here

Wee Bunny Book available for pre-order


The next book is scheduled for release on July 19 2017, but you can ensure you get your copy by placing a pre-order via the site here. Our first children's title, by Elaine May Smith and Alison Stell, takes younger readers on an exciting adventure with a trio of super bunnies from the Scottish Highlands, which also teaches the importance of proper rabbit care. 


Price is £6.99 plus £2 p&p. 

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